September 27, 2015

I’ve given a lot of thought as to what to say here on this page exactly and I pondered, “What do people ‘really’ want to know about someone”?  Especially about one who is a Life Long Learner, has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, a wicked sense of humor, one who loves a life of laughter?

Well, I guess I can start with the norm… I’ve 3 adult children, the youngest is nearing his 30’s. 9 grandchildren ranging from 1 to 17. Born in Rocky Mount, NC, and my current home base is in Littleton, NC. I’m a Proud card carrying member of the Haliwa-Saponi Tribe here in NC, yes I’m Native American.

BUT who I am, really? I have an Eidetic memory and am able to adsorb mass amounts of information in one sitting…yeah, I read a lot! LOL! I’m an ideas person, I love discussing ideas and how to implement them. Brain storming and mastermind groups are a turn on! I’m also very spiritual, there is a power higher than all of us and I do pray and read the word everyday! I’m also a Business Consultant – Project Manager, Web Master – developer- designer-seo person, herbalist, organic anything junkie,  Amateur Psychologist, temporal comedian, an empath, an energy healer as well as an Artisan lye soap crafter.

March 2017, I decided to go to CDL school and obtain my Class A….so erm, yup, you guessed it. I’ll be driving big trucks!!

I bet you’re wondering what I really like to do in my spare time aren’t you? Well….My most fav thing to do is to sit outside with bare feet planted firmly on the grass at 2 am with an ice cold glass of Black n Tan in one hand and a Don Tomas Clasico – Coronitas Cigar in the other hand, let my cares fade as I star gaze and listen to Mother Earths heartbeat.

So cough, cough … tada, there’s a lil about me. 🙂

Enjoy your visit in my lil web space and also visit me on Facebook!